Monthly Archives: June 2008

Yarny – 4/365


So, apparently I didn’t consider my life busy enough. I declared today that I think knitting will be a new and exciting hobby for me to get into. I said this with visions in my head of way to cute baby bonnets and booties for my nieces and nephews, the family saluting me as the lovable, eccentric aunt who unapologetically knits everyone’s christmas gifts.

I went to Joann’s, read a few how to books in the knitting aisle to get an idea of what will be absolutely necessary to have a go at my first project: a scarf! I am moving to a colder climate in the middle of the winter, so I know I’ll need it. As you can see I made it as far as "casting on" today (and creating my own woolen pet hastily named Yarny…creative, I know), but who knows what tomorrow holds for me, in the big wide world of "knit one, purl two".

**side note:
Lift Your Rubber Chickens to the LordI couldn’t justify this snapshot as being worthy of my one and only photo of the day, but still felt it deserving of a mini-posting. I work at a church with quite possibly the strangest pastors of all time…

Tootsies – 3/365

Tootsies Far from at interesting photo and barely representative of my day, this is a shot of my feet. At this point in my day I walked into a room where my usual drummer friends were strangely playing guitars so I thought I’d cop a squat and listen. Afterwards, I met with a friend and brainstormed like mad about a new project to work on. Immensely looking forward to diving into that as soon as possible. Overall, really good day, I just wish I didn’t have to get to work tomorrow at 7:40am…lame-o.

2/365 – Feedback


One of the many bands my boyfriend plays in, The Inertia Trio, played a local club tonight and I went along for the ride. The picture indicates how closely guarded the switchboard was during the performance (hence the title). Afterwards, my boyfriend’s car was double parked. Lots of fun.

1/365 – Dem Apples

Dem Apples
So I had a really fun night out with friends which doesn’t happen often.  Not because my friends aren’t fun, but because I’m not a socially extroverted person, so I don’t get out much.  But I organized a movie night (The Love Guru…it’s a good ‘group’ movie) preceded by much Steak ‘N’ Shake…yum (all I can say is Frisco Melt, BABY!).  So, my friend, here, is one of those healthy people, so she had apples.  Ya can’t beat Jenn’s expressions.

2 minutes ’til Day 1!

So I’ve decided to spice up my life a bit and start a 365 photo project.  Thanks to Photojojo I’m getting ready to document my daily life for an entire year and hopefully for many more after that. Here goes.