Yikes! – 5/365

I don’t have to work tomorrow, so I made up my mind to make a serious effort towards cleaning and organizing the entire house. This thought happened upon me due to the view I have from my computer most days (as you can see from the picture above). There’s an epic amount of clutter covering nearly every inch of carpet, aside from the conveniently carved out path from the couch to the kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom.

This panography was haphazardly done without consulting any sort of guide, therefore it’s not good at all, really (plenty of imperfections, but oh well). After tomorrow’s work I’m hoping to post another one, correctly done, displaying the magical transformation. Wish me luck (this, by the way, is just the living room…the bedroom and bathroom are pretty much identical in magnitude).

**side note: If you wanna see explanations for certain catastrophes in the room or view at original size (extra large), click on the picture.


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