Sick of Being Sickly – 8/365

Sick of Being Sickly
So I didn’t post this yesterday because I had a really awful day. It started off fine: woke up, sang in shower, drove to work, showed up on time, and then….it hit me like a brick in the face. Half and hour into my first client I felt SUPER sick.

I’m a big fan of psyching myself out of being sick, continually using a convincing argument of "I can make it till 3:30pm (okay, only 1 more hour)", "okay, that was alright, I can definitely make it till 5:30pm (then I get to go home!)." This works fine when all goes according to plan.

However, due to new rules and procedures/training I ended staying almost 3 hours later than anticipated and it SUCKED the big one. I almost puked IN MY CAR on the way home.

Needless to say, I wasn’t feeling up to uploading anything at all. So me and my canker sore climbed into bed and fell asleep to "The Sound of Music" in the background (happy Austrians always make me feel better when I’m sick).

Hopefully today (my day off and FOURTH OF JULY!) will be a much better day!


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