Donde esta?

So, it’s definitely been a rough week and I know I’ve been slackin’ on the uploads. BUT. I’m going to post up my weeks worth of photos with some short descriptions. THEN. I’m hoping to get a bit better (health-wise) and tad more motivated (artistically) to upload on a daily basis. I’m also hoping I can come up with some good ideas for the following weeks so I don’t have any more sicky photos (these lame ones I’m about the put up.

7/7/08 – 12/365

Due to my sickness I haven’t eaten much and subsequently lost 5 pounds in the last few days. Hopefully my appetite will perk up soon. I think I was cooking a potato here. mmmm…

7/08/08 – 13/365

So after this past week of nasty sickness running rampant in my body, I decided there MUST be something wrong with my diet. Since I can’t afford to go all out and buy lots of wholesome good-for-me foods I’ve decided to opt for a 1-a-day-pop-a-pill solution: the multivitamin (off-brand of course)! So, there’s the nutrients I’ll be receiving on a daily basis from now on no matter what. Now I just have to remember to take it.

7/9/08 – 14/365

Possibly the most boring picture yet. This is my carpet. I was lying on the carpet sick as a dog and thought I’d give my photo for the day a shot from a different perspective.

Pink Attack
7/10/08 – 15/365

This is one of two digital art assignments I’ve been working on for a client. Too cute.

7/11/08 – 16/365

Not much to say about this. This huge storm was looming and it sure was a doozy. I know it’s not an amazing picture. Just something to post.

Lay Off My Cake
7/12/08 – 17/365

This is the second of two digital art assignments I’ve been working on for a client of mine.

7/13/08 – 18/365

I sing part time at a big church every Sunday afternoon. Today was a my first day back since my hiatus last week due to the plague. Here’s a shot of my director playing the piano in the gorgeous chapel.


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