Library – 20/365

I went to my university’s library and checked out an impressively tall stack of books. I realized while roaming up and down the aisles of books that I was way more interested in reading and furthering my personal education now that I was done with school. The idea that I could read a whole biography on Marquis de Sade and NOT have to write a 20 page dissertation on the most minute details of his writing styles (in correlation with his personal life) ELATED me.

**Side note:
Uh-Giddyup Here’s another photo from my day. It involves Seinfeld, my mother’s house, and chess.


2 responses to “Library – 20/365

  1. Education is a lifelong pursuit. Amazing how much more enjoyable when it’s at your pace & your choice of what, when & I don’t have to write a report about it! Right on!

  2. Kaitlyn Suveg

    Destiny, I am in love with this photo. It is beautiful and clean.

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