Keeping Up

Breeze Maker
9.10.08 – “Breeze Maker” – 77/365

Lately I get all in a rush when cleaning or making those stop motion animations that I just have to have a temperature drop in the house. Unfortunately it couldn’t be any lower so we got these handy fans. Life savers.

End of Day
9.09.08 – “End of Day” – 76/365

Not much to say here. Drop dead tired at the end of the day. This is the view from my end of the couch.

Puppy Love
9.08.08 – “Puppy Love” – 75/365

So I had the day off, luckily. I decided to try for a second go-around with stop-motion animation. I desperately needed to clean the house, but really wanted to do something creative, sooo I combined the two. When Casey got home we inevitably went to the mall to visit the puppy store and found these two fat little guys breathing ridiculously hard. There’s just so much to love. The stop motion is made up of about 300 photos and took about five and a half hours to put together including the time to shoot all the photos. I strongly suggest never cleaning in this manner as it is pure torture. All I wanted to do was finish cleaning, but since I was halfway through I couldn’t stop and ruin the whole thing. FUN.


One response to “Keeping Up

  1. Brilliant! I wish my house would clean itself. Nice work!

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