9.13.08 – “Mmmmm” – 80/365

I’ve been making a serires of delicious discovers lately. One of which is Planters Honey Roasted Dry Roasted Peanuts. The other being a REdiscovery, CRACKLIN’ OAT BRAN!!! I used to eat this frequently as a child and finally found a box at my local Publix. Delightful!!

Revolutionary What?
9.12.08 – “Revolutionary What?” – 79/365

My work brought me back to my old middle school today. Walking around my old stomping grounds, remembering specific conversations and memories around every corner, I noticed that nothing had changed except one thing. They were actually allowed to have lockers now.

When I told this my little group of student helpers (who are goofing off in this photo), they immediately were in shock that we weren’t allowed lockers, back packs, had to wear our IDs around our necks at all times, etc. I explained, nonchalantly, that it was only because of Columbine High School. All I got from this was a series of blank stares and ripple of "huh?" down the line of girls. They had NO idea what I was talking about, had never heard of it, and even when I said "school shooting" were kind of confused about the notion of a school shooting in general.


Not sure if that’s a good thing (testament to how well we’ve change security measures in our school system), or a bad thing (these kids need to know the possibilites and history of America. This isn’t pop culture history, it’s HISTORY).

I was telling my mother about this when she told me a similarly shocking story. She’s an elementary school librarian who travels frequently. She recently returned from Scotland and was trying to get her fifth graders to get a grasp on its location and size as compared to the U.S. She explained, again nonchalantly, that it belongs to the U.K. which is ruled by the Queen of England who used to run OUR country, the United States. But then we fought for our independence and became our own country.

Again, she was met with a class full of confused kids who had never heard such a story and were in shock, themselves, that such a tale could be possible! They were intrigued and eager to hear more.

I went through the same school system she teaches in, where one Thanksgiving Day play in the fifth grade gave me a firm grasp as to how our country became to be. WHAT HAPPENED? WHAT DO THESE KIDS THINK THEY’RE DOING ON THE 4TH OF JULY????

However, I have now come to realize that my own education of American History, aside from the Revolutionary War, had nothing to do with the public school system. Instead, it was Gone With the Wind, Little Women, Forrest Gump, Saving Private Ran etc that gave me any idea of what went on before I was born. I took one U.S. History course in high school that spent an entire semester explaining how settlers went west for gold (of which produced a strange project I managed to flip completely upside down…video can be viewed here).

I vow to teach my children American history from the earliest age and continue to encourage interest in it for them as long as possible. *sigh*

Whitey the Frenchie
9.11.08 – “Whitey the Frenchie” – 78/365

Once again, off to the puppy store. Unfortunately, I’ve held this pup before and have since been unable to STOP THINKING ABOUT HIM. This is not only the exact breed I want, colorings and all, but this is THE dog I want. He also happens to run $2,300. Not so much in my price range (not that anything is). He decided it was an opportune time to fight me for my Spoon Bag.

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