34 Days and Counting

Swingline Lover
9.19.08 – “Swingline Lover” – 86/365

Work brought me to yet another middle school. It was overall a good day, with the exception of the nameless, apathetic coworker. I just don’t understand what people think they’ll ever accomplish in their lives with the attitudes they continue to keep. My stapler, however, is always there for me.

More photos from the day are posted here, over here, right here, and here. =)

New Voice
9.18.08 – “New Voice” – 85/365

I sing in a praise band for a church as my side job. Because we’re moving soon the congregation has requested we make a recording. Tonight we met up at a friend’s recording studio and laid down the skeleton of our favorite tunes, with plans of putting in the vocals later next week. Although my vocal tracks were unnecessary I recorded them anyways to get used to hearing myself in playback. For those of you who have never been a recording studio, it’s a very strange sensation to hear EVERY single nuance of your voice, a very personal thing, amplified and brought to the foreground in such detail.

Unfortunately, I really enjoyed myself and am starting to reconsider music weighing less heavy on the priorities scale of my life. I can’t just ignore the people in my life that tell me to do something with my voice and I CAN’T ignore the pure joy I feel when performing. Ahh, the trials of life.

More photos from the recording can be seen here and here.

A Sad Day
9.17.08 – “A Sad Day” – 84/365

This is a true story:

I had a very strange and unlikely dream. I was coming to the end of a work day and decided to go to my favorite Fresh Mex restaurant, Kokopellis, for dinner. Upon arrival we were met with a sign that said CLOSED. I immediately realized this meant they were closed forever and screamed "Why???!! Where will I get my fresh mex???!!". I was very sad and woke up in dark horror.

That morning my boyfriend and I had a hankering for Kokopellis and headed on down the street. We pulled up and I got a strange feeling in my stomach as I saw a large white sign on the door that read "Sorry, We’re Closed. Thanks for your patronage." How. Incredible. Is. That?

Why would I have a dream about a restaurant, that I actually hadn’t gone to in a while, and then see its closure become actualized in real life that same day. :::x files theme plays in background:::

The truth is out there…

*one tear for Kokopellis and two for their queso.


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  1. “excuse me…i believe you have my stapler….”

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