Wow. It’s been a lonnnnnnnng time since I’ve updated, I know. But, as is my promise, I have kept up with this little project. Here’s a whole lotta photos to look at, some great, some not so great, some personal. Half were taken with my iPhone as I was planning on doing a theme for the first week to only take photos with my iPhone. That fell through when I got behind in my updates and I had to leave my iPhone in the states when I went out of the country.

Winter Wear
11.08.08 – “Winter Wear” – 136/365

As we discover new stores in the area we’ve found that we’ve come slightly ill equipped for the winter weather. We really think this is the jacket for Casey. Thoughts? To see me in this jacket click here.

Ikea Fun
11.07.08 – “Ikea Fun” – 135/365

More silly fun in Ikea.

The Best Invention Ever
11.06.08 – “The Best Invention Ever” – 134/365

There is something to be said for the amazing transformation travelling with children has made due to the inclusion of DVD players in most new vehicles. If it was not for this little device my day would be much for hectic and less tolerable. Hooray for Elmo in Grouchland! (This is little Quinn in awe of the little screen of delight.)

11.05.08 – “Grrrr!” – 133/365

Wade got some plastic vampire teeth from school and we finally got around to showing him how to use them. This is him and Matt giving me their angry faces.

History is Made
11.04.08 – “History is Made” – 132/365

Not going to go on and on and on about what an amazing election season this has been, but I cannot express how exciting the results were. Regardless of whether you were for or against Obama, it is hard to deny the impact his election will have on the African American community, history, and state of mind. I can’t wait to see what his term brings our country.

Dezi Daycare
11.3.08 – “Dezi Daycare” – 131/365

My first day of nannying went well; a few snags, but that was to be expected. For those of you who don’t know me and talk to me every day my new job is taking care of my wonderful neice and nephew, Quinn and Wade. Quinn is 10 months and Wade is three years old. In this self portrait I’m sitting with him while we read along to an audio tape/book thing of Monsters, Inc….for about the sixth time that day. =)

Rally Up!
11.2.08 – “Rally Up!” – 130/365

I attended my first political rally. This is a shot of my family meeting Jon Corzine, the governor of New Jersey. Nice guy, great speaker, great way to start my life out as a new New Jersian.

11.1.08 – “Milestone” – 129/365

After we woke up, ate some breakfast, and filled the tank we headed back out on the open road. Ever since I was a child, tagging along with my parents on endless treks from Jacksonville to Cleveland, South of the Border has become THE way to know how much longer I had to sit in the car. I’ve only been there once, and only to fill up the tank, I bought a turquoise sweater adorned with a teddy bear wearing a sombrero.

Packed to the Gills!
10.31.08 – “Packed to the Gills!” – 128/365

So we finally got the trailer and packed it tight, including the van, and actually managed to keep the bed and three bookcases! We were exhausted after essentially chucking things out of the apartment in order to be out on time to get the deposit back. The journey continues…

Farewell Stanger
10.30.08 – “Farewell Stranger” – 127/365

After a long and rocky relationship Casey and I finally say goodbye to the beloved Mustang. It was a love-hate relationship from the start and it was a bittersweet end to a constant uphill battle with it’s endless problems. But, a car is a car and for some reason they become part of us.

In all seriousness, this day was very emotional for us both. We will miss our family more than they know.

Strange Procedure
10.29.08 – “Strange Procedure” – 126/365

There is an odd procedure that comes at the end of the cruise adventure. You are supposed to put your suitcases outside your stateroom door the last night of the cruise, all by their lonesome. I trust people, but it still feels very strange.

Delightful Procedure
10.28.08 – “Delightful Procedure” – 125/365

Every night, on a cruise, when you come back to your room, there’s a fun little surprise awaiting: a delightful animal made from towels! This one is a bunny, I believe, wearing Kirk’s sunglasses.

10.27.08 – “Denial?” – 124/365

We docked in Jamaica on our third day. We decided to go on a jeep safari tour and then climb a huge waterfall. A few times the jeep safari/roller coaster would stop and let us take pictures of houses and the surroundings.

At this one house there was a dog laying outside. Everyone kept saying how cute she was and petting her as though they couldn’t see what was completely obvious. This dog was malnourished, pregnant, neglected, and miserable. I snapped a few photos, to my own dismay, and walked away unable to watch the charade.

10.26.08 – “OMM NOM NOM NOM” – 123/365

At the fancy dinner Janet demonstrates how everyone ate on the cruise.

Wish I Was Kid Again
10.25.08 – “Wish I Was A Kid Again” – 122/365

Awaiting the boarding process for the cruise the kids (Elizabeth, Victoria, Erin, and Sammi) huddle up for a group shot.

10.24.08 – “Untitled” – 121/365

Driving down to Satellite Beach to hang with Casey’s parents before the cruise, I actually got to fill up the tank! COMPLETELY!

Seeing my fuel gauge read "F" was strange and exciting all at once.

10.23.08 – “Untitled” – 120/365

The anxiety and to-do lists of the move weighed so heavy on our minds we frequently began to nod off at odd hours. Here’s Casey napping.

10.22.08 – “Couchless” – 119/365

We finally got said goodbye to our couch! Jen is modeling it’s comfiness in the back of Ralston’s truck.

I Voted
10.21.08 – “I Voted” – 118/365

I VOTED TODAY!!! Who did I vote for?? Nunyabeez.

10.20.08 – “Blossom” – 117/365

Before we left we did a big dinner with my parents. My pup Blossom will be missed terribly!!

The Final Service
10.19.08 – “The Final Service” – 116/365

We had our final day at Palms Presbyterian Church where we have performed every Sunday for the last four years. It was a VERY emotional day. We signed the CDs made of the recording that we finally finished. It was a good day.

Dori Face
10.18.08 – “Dori Face” – 115/365

Silliness with the iPhone. I look strangely like Dori in the photo (from Finding Nemo).

The Final Hang
10.17.08 – “The Final Hang” – 114/365

My friends and I did a final hang out via a couple games at the local bowling alley. Much fun was had by all and I will definitely miss them incredibly. Can’t wait to visit sometime in the far future….

The Final Work Day
10.16.08 – “The Final Work Day” – 113/365

Thank the Lord. My final day of work. It couldn’t have come sooner, but I will miss the friends I made there soooo much!! (Michael fell asleep in the car on the way back…)

10.15.08 – “Classic” – 112/365

One my final days at work I spotted this FANTASTIC "read" poster in the hallway. Made me remember my childhood growing up in libraries across the Jacksonville/St. Augustine area.

Snapshot Magoo
10.14.08 – “Snapshot Magoo” – 111 /365

Nothing profound here. Just Casey and I being silly as usual.

Big Pimpin'
10.13.08 – “Big Pimpin'” – 110/365

Testing out my iPhone’s camera, I snapped a photo of quite the bachelor at the local ATM. He’s quite the dapper dresser.

Serious Face
10.12.08 – “Serious Face” – 109/365

I had a portrait session with Keturah, a friend of mine. I still haven’t finished editing them, due to moving across country, but this is my favie so far. She couldn’t do a serious face when we started, but after a little while she was pro! (Keturah, please don’t swipe this pic from here. The rest are coming soon, I promise!!!).

Fun with Animation
10.11.08 – “Fun With Animation” – 108/365

I gathered my friends together one night to do a massive animation project (only massive in that it’s often difficult to coordinate and keep the attention of eight twenty something drummers). This is probably my favorite photo out of all the portrait section ones. It makes me laugh EVERY time I see it. You can see the final results below:



  1. i was totally gonna put my I Voted stcker on my fingers like that too and try to play around with depth of field, but i put it on my rearview mirror and now it wont come off…! arg! would have been a cool picture, too.

    congratulations on the move!!! goodluck!

  2. wow I’m very excited to see the rest of the pictures now!! 🙂

    looks like New Jersey will be cool for you guys!

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