Livin’ the Life

Lots of things going on these days. Still setting up camp in the basement and trying to turn it into a home. Photos of the finished product coming soon (along with photos from the move and the cruise). My goal is to get the place done by Thanksgiving and then it’s work work work and save save save!

What's it to you?
10.18.08 – “What’s it to you?” – 146/365

Quinn is changing more and more everyday. She’s now able to give looks that kill. And yet….she’s still cute as a button.

*Taken with iPhone, edited using CameraBag App.

Prepping for Thanksgiving
11.17.08 – “Prepping for Thanksgiving” – 145/365

Molly is one of two dogs I now live with and have loved since their pup days. She seems to be imitating a turkey in her sleeping position today.
*Taken with iPhone, edited using CameraBag App.

Celebratory Dogs
11.16.08 – “Celebratory Dogs” – 144/365

In celebration of buying our first cans of paint (for the interior of our new place) we dined on Don’s Dogs. He has a lonely little truck outside of Home Depot everyday. Mmmmm….
*Taken with iPhone, edited using CameraBag App.

The Rally
11.15.08 – “The Rally” – 143/365

Casey and I decided to go into the city for the day and check out a friend play at 55 Bar. As we got off the subway the first thing we hear is chanting. Following the shouts we find a gay rights rally outside of the 55 Bar! Lots of good vibe. (editing inspired by Katie’s photo…) 😉

Uncle Casey's Shoes
11.14.08 – “Uncle Casey’s Shoes” – 142/365

Quinn was playing with Casey’s shoes.
*Taken with iPhone, edited using CameraBag App.

11.13.08 – “ABBA” – 141/365

Abba is the name Quinn and Wade gave their pacifers. I got quite used to "binky" somewhere along my young adult path (maybe it was a family thing). She’s presenting me with it and saying "Ankuuuu…". Translation = THANK you….
*Taken with iPhone, edited using CameraBag App.

11.12.08 – “Teef!” – 140/365

Wade’s way too full of energy to sit still for a full face photo. =) Pure glee!

11.11.08 – “Malcom” – 139/365

Another sleeping dog photo. This is Malcom, the other dog in the mix. He’s part corgi, deer, pig, rabbit, and human.

Bath Night
11.10.08 – “Bath Night” – 138/365

The only bath in the house is located on the floor where Casey and I live. I pop in every now and then to sneek a shot of the soapy little ones. Quinn’s grin says it all.

11.9.08 – “Wader” – 137/365

Wade is constantly on the move. In this rare shot I caught him pondering on life….with Spiderman.

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