Vacation is Good

Thanks for Chocolate Pie
11.27.08 – “Thanks for Chocolate Pie” – 154/365

I have more things to be thankful for than I could explain. Here are few (simple and complex):

• My family
• My one and only Casey
• My amazing living situation ( I can’t thank my brother enough)
• Food
• Creativity
• Ambition
• Pride
• Music
• Tivo
• Good naps

I had a really great Thanksgiving and I think everyone else in my family did, too. I’m definitely lookin forward to Christmas and can’t wait to see what the future brings me.

* this is Quinny being ever-so thankful for yummy chocolate pie. Totally a snapshot, but I’ve come to terms with the fact that not every holiday will produce hundreds are artistic photos.

11.25.08 – “Slippers” – 152/365

I had all three kids today and I’ve never been busier. I help Quinn slip into these bad boys and she thought it was delightful and confusing all at the same time.

Wade and Daddy
11.26.08 – “Wade and Daddy” – 153/365

Driving nine hours from NJ to OH seemed as though it may last forever, but luckily we’ve got that handy-dandy DVD player for the kids. Ah, technology.

We stopped at Burger King for lunch (fear not, I did not break my Fast Food Fast. We stopped at Subway after just for me.) Here’s The Wader, Matt and the Burger King Crown.

11.24.08 – “Playtime” – 151/365

I had the Terrific Two on my own today at the mall! I guess I wanted a challenge and BOY did I get one. All in all, I survived, but barely got Wade to the potty in time (phew). NJ malls need more toilets!!!

This is the Mighty Quinn looking for her next slide in the play area.

Nov 23
11.23.08 – “Untitled” – 150/365

I had family photo shoot session in Pennsylvania (long drive) and had a great time. I was definitely nervous, mainly because I’d never done an outdoor in such freezing weather (Florida girl) and didn’t want to freeze up (no pun intended) with anticipation and take crap photos. The two girls, Emma and Morgan, were too cute and lots of fun. Emma, the oldest, has a striking (nearly eerie) resemblance to Dakota Fanning which made me feel like a celeb photographer (hee hee). I wanted this to be a little more contrasty, but I decided to keep the detail and noise level down instead.

11.22.08 – “Holla” – 149/365

Casey and I had a long day (to say the least) and decided to chill out by discovering our new surroundings and going to the mall!! This odd relic was found in Fortunoff in the toilet lid department. ::shakes head::

11.21.08 – “Bored” – 148/365

Clearly not much to say about this photo other than Photobooth is possibly the most fantastic time-waster of all time. I had no creative energy whatsoever, obviously, so this what we get.


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