¿quién es éste?

 I’m a recent college grad with a music degree and an undeniable passion for photography and design.  I also would love to tour the world as a singer/songwriter, but who wouldn’t?

 For over two years I’ve been “living in sin” with my boyfriend, Casey, and have absolutely no pets (I would like this to change as soon as financially possible….via one of these ).  By day I’m a photographer for a local studio, shooting tons of portraits.

 Aside from that, I sing in a contemporary christian band, blues cover band, and do photography and design work to pick up extra money.  I’d love for these things to become a full time job eventually.

I love technology, computers, and television (I’ve been watching way too much lately).  I’m relocating in November to NYC and am bursting at the seams with anticipation.  Peanut butter from the jar has become my new favorite snack (aside from my usual Clausen Dill Spears) and I have one irrational collection going: DVDs.

This picture is obviously fun with photobooth.  I LOVE THE COLOR GREEN!

These are a few of my favorite things:

2 responses to “¿quién es éste?

  1. Hey Dez! Love the site, love the concept. Keeps me active in your daily life! Too cool! Hope you’re feeling better. Love ya! Dad.

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