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casey by destiny

I know this is supposed to be strictly 365 posts, but I didn’t want to add this and then have it be missed later on. So here’s the animation we started last week. I actually finished it within hours of shooting it, with plans of making it twice the length later on with a second shoot, but Casey is rarely in the mood to do these sorts of things after a long day at work, so I decided to make due and finish it with what I had.

Click here to view the video on Flickr.

(Apparently my video was way too cool and Rufus for Youtube, so I can’t post it there due to copyright issues…)


Keeping Up

Breeze Maker
9.10.08 – “Breeze Maker” – 77/365

Lately I get all in a rush when cleaning or making those stop motion animations that I just have to have a temperature drop in the house. Unfortunately it couldn’t be any lower so we got these handy fans. Life savers.

End of Day
9.09.08 – “End of Day” – 76/365

Not much to say here. Drop dead tired at the end of the day. This is the view from my end of the couch.

Puppy Love
9.08.08 – “Puppy Love” – 75/365

So I had the day off, luckily. I decided to try for a second go-around with stop-motion animation. I desperately needed to clean the house, but really wanted to do something creative, sooo I combined the two. When Casey got home we inevitably went to the mall to visit the puppy store and found these two fat little guys breathing ridiculously hard. There’s just so much to love. The stop motion is made up of about 300 photos and took about five and a half hours to put together including the time to shoot all the photos. I strongly suggest never cleaning in this manner as it is pure torture. All I wanted to do was finish cleaning, but since I was halfway through I couldn’t stop and ruin the whole thing. FUN.

The Birthday Post

So, I originally put out this post without including 73/365 from yesterday. I totally thought I posted it and was completely on my game. I’m still not convinced. Either way, here’s the edit, including the photo from Saturday.

9.7.08 – “Spontaneity” – 74/365
Today was my birthday and I was sitting at home on the computer when I got this incredible itch to do some stop animation. I’ve never done this before and was really excited. So I knew I needed a story and an inanimate object. I happened to have a major hankerin’ for a pickle and thought "well, a pickle is about as lifeless as it gets", so I set up the ole tripod and went at it. This is one of the many stills from that project which you can view here.

Hey, I've Got My New Shoes On
9.6.08 – “Hey, I’ve Got My New Shoes On” – 73/365

Last night a huge group of my friends and I went bowling in celebration of my birthday, which isn’t really until tomorrow (the 7th), and had a swinging good time. Afterwards we ate incredibly too much at Denny’s and made the terrible mistake of heading back to campus where we used to entire Fine Arts Building as our personal playing field for serious games of Manhunt and Capture Flag (multiple levels, multiple staircases, elevators). Needless to say after three hours and by 2am we were all ready to puke, but pretty much decided we needed to turn our antics into a weekly league and meet every weekend. It’s going to be great and I hope it actually happens a few times before I move!

I created some animated gifs of the “better” bowling techniques I noticed at the alley and put them in this set for my friends and fellow Flickrites to enjoy.