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A Long Time Coming – 24/365

Long Time Coming
After eagerly awaiting this release I finally got a chance to check it out in theaters tonight. Needless to say, it was everything I expected and more. I only wish a sequel including the Joker was a possibility. I feel it has definitely exceeded the mark the initial film set and would have certainly launched Ledger’s career had he not passed so suddenly. The score is, obviously, amazing due to combining two forces beyond compare (Zimmer and Howard) and was, of course, delightfully action packed. GO SEE IT.

I Am – 23/365

I Am
I’ve been working like crazy lately, not just my day job but with every other partial job/gig/volunteer stuff I get myself into. I’m pretty ragged and couldn’t think of anything else to take a picture of aside from the feeling that has been creeping up on me all day. I honestly take around 1000 photos a day at my job and when I work the longer hours it’s definitely hard to come home and immediately try to find more creative ways to take a picture (and unfortunately I cannot legally post any of my photos from work). I guess I’ll sit down at some point and map out some themes and try to stick to ’em. At least I’m getting lots of hours at work and keep myself needlessly busy in the mean time.

Color Me Trendy – 22/365

Dress Code
So my job called for a rehaul of the dress code policy. Out with the black-and-white and in with super trendy and color out the wazoo. Unfortunately I have zero dollars to put towards this transmogrification (yes, this is a word and yes, I am really excited to use it correctly). So, after combing the desert of my closet I found a few pieces that I’m hoping are able to be pulled together by this uber-trendy chunky, silver, waist-cinching belt care of Target. Another timer shot from the dresser (this is not a vanity shot, it’s a record of my supremely dorky efforts at being cool).

Elroys – 21/365

Every Wednesday night I have rehearsal for a cover band I play in called "The Elroys". It’s new for me as of this summer and is quite an experience. We do mainly classic rock and blues and have a daschund named Buster as our mascot (he likes to sit in Casey’s bass drum during rehearsals). This is a shot during one our tunes using timer. That’s me on keyboard and vocals, Robert on bass, Robert S. on mandolin, Scott on guitar, and Casey on drums (they’re not all pictured here). I’ll miss singing in this group when I leave Jax.

Library – 20/365

I went to my university’s library and checked out an impressively tall stack of books. I realized while roaming up and down the aisles of books that I was way more interested in reading and furthering my personal education now that I was done with school. The idea that I could read a whole biography on Marquis de Sade and NOT have to write a 20 page dissertation on the most minute details of his writing styles (in correlation with his personal life) ELATED me.

**Side note:
Uh-Giddyup Here’s another photo from my day. It involves Seinfeld, my mother’s house, and chess.

Steer – 19/365

I have a pretty relaxed commute to my job these days (compared to my old commute from NJ to NYC a few years ago). 15-20 each way is a welcome change. I know it’s definitely not safe to photog and drive, but the opportunity presented itself so I grabbed hold of the camera and went at it. Nothing spectacular, just a glimpse into my daily routine. I need to start making mini-themes and projects to keep these photos interesting or I’ll go crazy.

Donde esta?

So, it’s definitely been a rough week and I know I’ve been slackin’ on the uploads. BUT. I’m going to post up my weeks worth of photos with some short descriptions. THEN. I’m hoping to get a bit better (health-wise) and tad more motivated (artistically) to upload on a daily basis. I’m also hoping I can come up with some good ideas for the following weeks so I don’t have any more sicky photos (these lame ones I’m about the put up.

7/7/08 – 12/365

Due to my sickness I haven’t eaten much and subsequently lost 5 pounds in the last few days. Hopefully my appetite will perk up soon. I think I was cooking a potato here. mmmm…

7/08/08 – 13/365

So after this past week of nasty sickness running rampant in my body, I decided there MUST be something wrong with my diet. Since I can’t afford to go all out and buy lots of wholesome good-for-me foods I’ve decided to opt for a 1-a-day-pop-a-pill solution: the multivitamin (off-brand of course)! So, there’s the nutrients I’ll be receiving on a daily basis from now on no matter what. Now I just have to remember to take it.

7/9/08 – 14/365

Possibly the most boring picture yet. This is my carpet. I was lying on the carpet sick as a dog and thought I’d give my photo for the day a shot from a different perspective.

Pink Attack
7/10/08 – 15/365

This is one of two digital art assignments I’ve been working on for a client. Too cute.

7/11/08 – 16/365

Not much to say about this. This huge storm was looming and it sure was a doozy. I know it’s not an amazing picture. Just something to post.

Lay Off My Cake
7/12/08 – 17/365

This is the second of two digital art assignments I’ve been working on for a client of mine.

7/13/08 – 18/365

I sing part time at a big church every Sunday afternoon. Today was a my first day back since my hiatus last week due to the plague. Here’s a shot of my director playing the piano in the gorgeous chapel.

My BFF – 11/365

After a horrific night of non-sleep I managed to call off work and discovered we do actually have Kleenex in the house (the skin between my nose and lips shouts a big "hoo-ray!").

I’m getting better, I guess. No extreme fever. I just hope I can rest up enough to feel up to going back to work tomorrow. I need moolah.

Survival of the Sickest – 10/365

Survival of The Sickest
Okay, okay, I’m not off to a good start with posting everyday, but yesterday was the absolute pits and hopefully rock bottom as far as this illness is concerned. I actually thought I was gonna have to go the hospital, but my amazing boyfriend came home from work to help me recuperate.

Aside from his assistance I always turn to movies to get me through the bleak winter of sickness. These were just a few I watched (and yes, ladies and gentleman, I still watch VHS tapes).

Not featured but definitely a big help:
* Monsoon Wedding
* A couple Lifetime network movies
* Bad News Bears (newer)
* Jawbreaker (the Heathers of my day)

From Sea to Shining Sea – 9/365

From Sea to Shining Sea
So I’m still SUPER sick, but managed to make it my family get-together for the holiday and had a really good time. I got a lot of fun pictures in the process, but Baby Margaret in her deep sea gear was one of my favorites. I’ll post the rest later in other sets.

*side note: I’m not sure what the deal is with my camera. I reset the date and time to the correct day this morning, then downloaded these and they came up as taken on July 5th. Confused.