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Two Days Worth

Here are my photos from the past few days.  Warning: the next week will be a frantic one.  No promises here.

8.3.08 – 39/365 – “Peachy”
This was one of many of blooms in a vase in the lobby of the church where I work. I’ve also got some black and white versions in my still life set, if you feel so inclined. I’ve realized how much I enjoy taking still life photography. I don’t have to yell to the get what I want out of the subject. I just move it and if it sucks: USER ERROR.

P.S. Another fun portal into my day can be found here —–> Holy Throwback, Batman!

8.2.08 – 38/365 – “Casey”

 Nothing especially amazing here except for this epic mug smiling at the camera. That’s my fella. He’s awesome.